Janssen and Merck co-finance the creation of an innovation center for the production of vaccines in the UK

The UK government is preparing for possible outbreaks of dangerous diseases after Brexit Therefore, with the support of academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies it is creating the first innovative vaccine production center in the country, as reported by FiercePharma.

The total funding for the project is about $100 million, from which £ 66 million ($ 84 million) will be invested through public-private partnership UK Research and Innovation. Other £10 million will come from Janssen (Janssen), Merck & Co. (Merck & Co.); known as Merck Sharp & Dohme (Merck, Sharp & Dome) in the UK, and the Wellcome Trust, a charitable foundation for biomedical research.

The center, which will be based in Oxford, is scheduled to launch in 2022. It is planned that the center will focus on creating operational and cost-effective ways to develop and produce vaccines for clinical research and global distribution, as well as to create stocks of vaccines in the country in the event of a pandemic .

The center specialists will also develop new technologies, for example, to create personalized cancer vaccines and vectors for gen-therapeutic drugs.

Link: pharmvestnik.ru