Drugs for the treatment of multiple sclerosis are included in the List of drugs for the treatment of high-cost nosologies

In accordance with the Government Regulation of the Russian Federation No. 2738-p of 10 December, a drug product is included in the list of drugs for patients with hemophilia, cystic fibrosis, pituitary ganosis, painful Gaucher syndrome, malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissues, multiple sclerosis, as well as persons after transplantation of organs and/ or tissues.

“Multiple sclerosis is among the most common autoimmune diseases of central nervous system. The disease is mainly observed among young and fit-for-duty population at the age of 18-45 years, this disease quickly leads to disability. Our task is to prevent this process. This year the drug was included in the list of drugs for “high-cost nosology programs”, which allows us to expand the range of available treatment options for first-line multiple sclerosis therapy. A new therapy will allow you to control more effectively the incidence of the disease and reduce the risk of progression of disability by 38% 3. Katherina Pogodina, Managing Director of Janssen in Russia and the CIS, stated that the company made maximum efforts to achieve minimum price all over the world.

Plegridi belongs to the group of interferons. It is a necessary interferon beta-1a, which is derived from polyethylene glycol. It is used to treat adult patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis. PEGylation helps to increase molecule stability, reduces their immunogenicity, prolongs the effect, and also allows to reduce the frequency of administration – one Plegridi injection per two weeks.

The community of expert consultants considers the expansion of therapeutic options for multiple sclerosis within the framework of the federal“ High-Cost Nosology Program” to be a significant breakthrough. PEGylated interferon allows to reduce the frequency of injections for the patient by 6 times. “Obviously, the therapy can increase patient’s compliance, which makes it possible to achieve greater success in treating consuming the same or less resources, ” Yan Vladimirovich Vlasov, President of the All-Russian Public Organization of Multiple Sclerosis Patients and Disabled, said.

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