The WHO developed a new strategy to fight the flu

The World Health Organization adopted a new strategy to fight the flu for 2019-2030.

Its goal is preventing seasonal outbreaks of the disease more effectively, improving the control over the transmission of the virus to humans from animals and preparing for the next flu pandemic, which, according to experts, is inevitable.

According to Tedros Adanom Gebreyesus, the WHO CEO, the risk of transmitting a new influenza virus from animals to humans and the potential occurrence of a pandemic is real.

The only question is when it happens. He urged to be prepared for a major outbreak of influenza, stressing that its consequences could cost mankind much more than the cost of the necessary preventive measures.

The WHO recalls that, according to experts, about 1 billion people suffer from influenza every year, while from 3 to 5 million diseases are severe. The number of fatal cases ranges from 290 to 650 thousand per year.

As the most effective remedy for this disease, the WHO recommends vaccination, emphasizing that it is important to immunize people who may face complications, as well as medical professionals.

Tedros Adan Gebreyesus noted that the world is now better than before prepared for a new flu pandemic, but this is not enough.

The task of new strategy is to bring the health care to necessary level to combat a major outbreak of the disease.

The implementation of new strategy will allow countries to increase the level of diagnosis of other infectious diseases such as Ebola and Middle East respiratory syndrome.