Johnson & Johnson introduces light adaptive contact lenses to the US market

Johnson & Johnson Vision brings light adaptive contact lenses to the US market. They are able to adapt to different levels of illumination; the Transitions technology is used, which is the same as for manufacture of glasses lenses.

Contact lenses are called Acuvue Oasys and are intended for everyday use. One pack is for 2 weeks.

The lenses contain an additive that responds to different levels of ultraviolet light. It allows the lenses to return to the original color at normal illumination or dimming for 90 seconds.

J & J states that photochromic lenses help the eye to recover faster from bright sunlight. Therefore, these lenses allow less squinting; at the same time, they reduce the halo effect or flashes around the light source at night.

However, they are not used as a substitute for sunglasses or other eye protection from ultraviolet light.

The FDA approved these lenses for the first time in April last year, in particular, considering the clinical study involved 24 patients, where the ability to drive a car at night and daytime was studied.

Evidence of negative influence of the lenses on the ability to drive or vision was not found.