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R-Pharm will bring technology for the early diagnosis of lung cancer to the Russian market

The R-Pharm group of companies, together with the British developer Oncimmune Holdings, have signed an exclusive agreement to introduce the EarlyCDT Lung product for early detection of lung cancer to the Russian and Eurasian Customs Union countries. The development of Oncimmune is a specific blood test technology that facilitates the early detection of lung cancer […]

FDA approved Xembify® for the treatment of primary immunodeficiency

Grifols, the leading global manufacturer of plasma-based drugs, announced its approval of its new drug, Xembify®, by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Chembify® is a 20% subcutaneous immunoglobulin used to treat primary immunodeficiency. Now Grifols is one of the leaders in the market for the production and sale of the immunoglobulin – the company’s […]

GEROPHARM registered the first Russian insulin bioanalogue

GEROPHARM received a registration certificate for two-phase insulin lispro under the trade name RinLiz®. These are the first Russian bioanalogues of ultrashort and medium duration insulin in the GEROPHARM portfolio. The company plans to produce them on a full cycle basis – from substance to finished dosage form. Now on the Russian market insulin lispro […]

EMA is approving Zynteglo gene therapy for patients with beta-thalassemia

The Committee for Medicinal Products for Human Use (EMA) recommends granting conventional marketing authorization for Zynteglo gene therapy. This is a drug for patients with beta-thalassemia (from the age of 12) who need regular blood transfusions and who haven’t found suitable donors for stem cell transplantation. Thalassemia is a group of hereditary diseases of the […]

The first antidote to Dabigatran was approved in Russia

Boehringer Ingelheim announced the authorization of Idarucizumab in Russia. This is a specific antagonist of oral anticoagulant Dabigatran (Pradax) ⠀ Idarucizumab is intended for patients taking Dabigatran when a quick elimination of the anticoagulant effect is required, including when emergency surgery is necessary and for life-threatening or uncontrolled bleeding. ⠀ The drug was approved on […]

X7 Research at IPhEB Russia 2019

X7 Research took part in the last IPhEB Russia 2019 exhibition in St. Petersburg. IPhEB is the most Russian pharma event hosting a wide range of exhibitors in the field of pharma ingredients, finished dosage, machinery, equipment, technology and outsourcing. This event is the unique opportunity to initiate business and build partnerships in the booming […]

The WHO developed a new strategy to fight the flu

The World Health Organization adopted a new strategy to fight the flu for 2019-2030. Its goal is preventing seasonal outbreaks of the disease more effectively, improving the control over the transmission of the virus to humans from animals and preparing for the next flu pandemic, which, according to experts, is inevitable. According to Tedros Adanom […]

FDA approved Valsartan Generic 

The FDA approved a new generic valsartan to control blood pressure. It was a mean to solve the problem of reduced supplies after some pharmaceutical manufacturers recalled their valsartan drugs because of the potential risk of cancer. The FDA is reviewing the marketing application for the generic valsartan manufactured by Indian company Elkem Laboratories Ltd, […]