About us.

X7 Research is a new generation CRO providing a vast range of services in the EU, CIS, USA and Asia.

X7 Research is a CRO of just the right size to where the clients’ needs are always our first priority. Because of this, 100% of our initial customers return to us for new projects! X7 was established by a group of healthcare professionals with extensive experience in clinical trials in a wide range of therapeutic areas including complex projects of drug market access.

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X7 Research is privately owned, reliable, and utilizes a client-centric approach. X7’s primary goal is to deliver results on time and on budget. X7 clients only pay when they see results. We use a flexible system of milestone-driven payment schedules, which are available to all of our global clients.

X7 Research has a vast network of health professionals within clinical trials and drug development that enables our team to deal with issues at any level of complexity. We even are able to take on failed or lagging studies from other CROs and bring these projects back on track. We have a strong working history with investigative sites, opinion leaders and principal investigators, scientists, laboratories and Phase I units.

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Our team.

We are extremely proud of our team, and consider it to be our second family. Each member of our family respects the stellar reputation of X7, takes responsibility for the results of the team as a whole, and moreover, truly cares about his or her work. In the end, our philosophy in relation to our work is that through giving exceptional effort, one should be able to enjoy the products of their labor and be satisfied with the consequent achievements of their team.

Our staff turnover is only 4-5%. We are proud of this statistic because it shows that we invest in our people. We grow together, achieve new goals, and then look for other challenges. This is a company of healthcare professionals—the majority of us are MDs and PhDs—and our personnel have more than 10 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. You can be sure that you will have this same professional team working on your project all the way to completion.