Arranging home visits is a service that allows patients who are far away from the clinical center, or who are unable to come to the center, to participate in the study. It is a practice that reduces the workload of research centers and allows them to work with a large number of patients.
X7 Research has been organizing home visits to patients since 2011. During this time we have accumulated extensive experience and organized a network of doctors and nurses throughout the Russian Federation.

The home visits are carried out in strict accordance with the standards of good clinical practice and the current legislation of the Russian Federation.



  • Unique experience since 2011

  • Accredited hospital

  • All major licenses

  • Ready-made network of clinics in Russia

  • Proximity to patients

  • Staff is trained accordingly

  • Ready-made contracts and templates

  • Ready-made accounting forms

  • Speed of organization

  • Organizational flexibility

  • A large number of nuances

  • Know how to do it right!

Learn more about how home visits are conducted in clinical trials. Sergey Simeniv, owner of X7 Research.

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