Valenta Farm presents an innovative formulation of a benzodiazepine drug

A new unique formulation of Fenazepam® developed by Valenta Pharm appeared in the drugstores of our country at the beginning of December. It is Phenazepam® orally dispersible tablets 1mg N10.

Innovative dosage form is a result of the seven-year efforts made by the Company, as well as significant investment in the development and research. Phenazepam® is a unique benzodiazepine drug, which hasn’t any analogues on the Russian market.

Consumer characteristics of the new dosage form are:

– additional control of course therapy;
– the best subjective tolerance of the therapy;
– it isn’t necessary to swallow and drink water, the tablet dissolves in the mouth;
– provides a more rapid achievement of drug maximum concentration in blood: up to 29% faster compared with the traditional tablet dosage form.

The drug is produced by new technology in accordance with Good manufacturing practice (GMP) at the modern high-tech research and production complex of Valenta Ph. JSC.

“The introduction in standard practice of orally dispersible dosage forms available for use in various branches of medicine is a very promising way for increasing the therapy effectiveness and optimizing the treatment. In psychiatry the main advantage of CCT is a possible fast therapeutic effect that is comparable in strength to the effect of the oral dosage form, as well as a significant increase of patient compliance and the early adherence to the therapy. The creation of new orally dispersible dosage forms of anxiolytic drugs intended for rapid relief of acute manifestations of anxiety syndrome is of particular concern ”- Sergey Nikolayevich Mosolov, professor, doctor of medical sciences, Honoured scientist of the Russian Federation, head of the Psychiatric Research Institute of Psychiatry said.